Labor politician Dean Wells held a number of portfolios during his long parliamentary career (1986-2012) including Attorney-General (1989-95), Minister for Justice (1992-95), Arts (1992-95), Education (1998-2001) and Environment (2001-04). In this interview he reflects on his legal reform agenda.

Dean Wells

David Russell QC was the Queensland State President (1995-99) and Federal President (2005-06) of the National Party and a key player in the formation of the Queensland LNP. In this interview he discusses his work on party reforms and his role as a power broker within the National Party.

David Russell

Queensland Independent MP Peter Wellington reflects on his time on the cross benches in Queensland. He focuses on the 1998 State election and the formation of the minority Beattie government. He emphasises the importance of community connections as the driving force behind his political career.

Peter Wellington

Sallyanne Atkinson served as a popularly elected Liberal Lord Mayor of the Brisbane City Council, 1985-91. She reflects on her time at the Council, particularly the relationship between the Brisbane City Council and the State government. During her time in office she presided over Expo 88 and sought to reform Council processes.

Sallyanne Atkinson

Liberal Party politician Bob Quinn served as the Queensland Minister for Education for the entirety of the Borbidge Government, 1996-98. He reflects on the challenges of minority government and his desire to reform education in Queensland. He was leader of the Queensland Liberal Party from 2001-06.

Bob Quinn

Paul Reynolds is a widely-published academic and political commentator on national and state politics with a career spanning over 30 years.

Paul Reynolds

Public servant Rob Stable was Director General of Health 1996-2004 in the Queensland public service following a career as a doctor and hospital manager. He worked with health ministers Peter Beattie, Rob Borbidge, Mike Horan and Wendy Edmond.

Rob Stable

Public servant John Sosso served in the Queensland departments of Consumer Affairs, Justice and Emergency Services and was Deputy Director General in the Premier’s Department until removed in 1998 by the incoming Beattie government. He reflects on his involvement in the Fitzgerald Inquiry, public sector reform and the ‘hit list’ controversy. He discusses his experiences with the Goss and Borbidge governments, including his participation in censorship reform and the PSMC.

John Sosso

Tony McGrady was the State Labor member for Mount Isa 1989-2006, following a four year term as Mayor of Mount Isa.  He was Minister for Resource Industries (1991-92), Energy (1992-96, 1998-2001), Mines (1998-2001), Police and Corrective Services (2001-04), Innovation and State Development (2004-05) and Speaker (2005-06). His mining background influenced a range of policy changes.

Tony McGrady

Liberal Party politician Denver Beanland was elected to the State seat of Toowong in 1986 following a 10 year term on the Brisbane City Council. He was leader of the Liberal Party in Queensland 1990-91 and held various ministries and shadow ministries before his defeat in 2001. In 1997 a vote of no-confidence was passed against him as Attorney-General over his role in the Carruthers and Connolly-Ryan Inquiries.

Denver Beanland
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