Symposium Part 1 Oral History

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Nov 03 2011
Peter Spearritt
Time Summary Keywords

Peter Spearritt welcomes people to the Queensland Speaks Symposium and introduces the project.

Robin Sullivan, Roger Scott

Mary Seefried (Queensland Parliamentary Librarian) introduces Danielle Miller and the oral history session.


Danielle Miller delivers a paper on oral history,  'Interviewing the interviewers'.


Questions and general discussion followng Danielle Miller's paper. Mary Seefried discusses with Roger Scott the importance of the interviewer for future researchers. Mary Seefried discusses with Danielle Miller how interviewers were chosen for each interview. Peter Spearritt discusses the issue of where the person was interviewed.


Symposium participant Paul Reynolds compares the methods of the Queensland Speaks project to his own project which interviews past parliamentary members.

Paul Reynolds

Roger Scott discusses the paper presented by Danielle Miller and reflects on his experience of the interview process.


Chris Salisbury discusses the relationship between interviewer and interviewee and the importance of preparation.


Symposium participant Katie McConnell asks about the process of linking up interviewees and interviewers. Roger Scott responds. Peter Ellis comments on his experience of the interview process.

Peter Ellis

Symposium participant Harold Thornton asks about the interview process and how questions were formulated by the interviewers. Peter Spearritt responds and discusses the focus of the project, the interview process and possible future interviews.


Symposium participant Harold Thornton discusses administrative law reforms and the on-tape versus off-tape discussions in the interview process. Roger Scott comments on the off-tape discussions and how researchers use such information. Mary Seefried discusses the new committees that have been developed and the changes to the way that current public servants can be questioned. Peter Spearritt discusses key moments in Queensland political history and future interviews for the project.


Danielle Miller and Peter Spearritt discuss some possible future directions for the Queensland Speaks project.


Symposium participant Geoff Ginn and Roger Scott discuss political partisanship in the interview process. Roger Scott discusses the key insights he took from the interviews. Peter Ellis comments on his experiences of change in the Public Service.

Peter Ellis, Roger Scott

Symposium session ends.