Kevin Carroll

Interviewed by
Rodney Sullivan and Robin Sullivan
Jun 20 2013
Kevin Carroll, 2013
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Kevin Carroll reads a prepared statement about his involvement with the union movement.

BWIU, CFMEU, Labour Day, North Queensland, SEQEB dispute, Townsville, Trades and Labor Council

Kevin Carroll outlines his father's union involvement. He discusses the paid positions he held with the Building Workers Industrial Union (BWIU) and Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) from 1983 to 1998, and the most stressful issue he faced as a union official during this time.

BWIU, CFMEU, Federated Iron Workers Union, workplace safety

Kevin Carroll discusses some of the industrial disputes he was involved in and was aware of during his union career.

demarcation disputes, Fred Brown, Hugh Hamilton, industrial disputes, Kevin Loughlin, SEQEB dispute, Townsville, Wallace Trohear, workplace safety

Kevin Carroll talks about his involvement in anti-uranium protests.

protest, Townsville, Trades and Labor Council, uranium mining, Waterside Workers Federation

Kevin Carroll describes his involvement in the efforts to recruit more Indigenous members to the building and construction industry. He speaks about his active interest and involvement in addressing Indigenous issues.

Bob Anderson, BWIU, Indigenous issues, Palm Island, Rockhampton, union membership

Kevin Carroll speaks about his interactions with peak union bodies, and outlines the history of the link between the Trades and Labor Council and political parties.

peak bodies, Townsville, Trades and Labor Council

Kevin Carroll recalls the politicians he has had direct contact with over his union career. He discusses his involvement in the anti-Vietnam War movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

Alex Wilson, Margaret Reynolds, Mike Reynolds, Percy Tucker, SEQEB dispute, Ted Lindsay, Townsville, Townsville City Council, Vietnam War

Kevin Carroll discusses the amalgamation of the building unions into the CFMEU, and talks about what he sees as some of the benefits of amalgamation.

BWIU, CFMEU, union amalgamation, workplace safety

Kevin Carroll discusses declining membership of unions, and the challenges they face in educating younger members of the building and construction industry about the role and importance of unions.

Australian Building and Construction Commission, CFMEU, declining union membership

Kevin Carroll discusses his role as both a union official and an ALP member, and acknowledges the conflict existing between the two. He speaks about the relationship between trade unions and the Labor Party, and the importance of the partnership.

union positions

Kevin Carroll outlines what needs to be done to reverse the decline in union membership. He highlights in particular the importance of having education about trade unions as part of the school curriculum.

declining union membership, Indigenous issues

Kevin Carroll discusses unionism in North Queensland and its similarites with unionism across Australia.

North Queensland, unions

Kevin Carroll talks about the single most influential trade union member he has met in his career.

Col Emery, ETU, union solidarity

Kevin Carroll discusses the disappointments and achievements of his career. He names his greatest achievement as being able to have helped out workers throughout his career in the union movement.

apprenticeships, Gough Whitlam, Whitlam Government 1972-75

Interview ends