Sallyanne Atkinson served as a popularly elected Liberal Lord Mayor of the Brisbane City Council, 1985-91. She reflects on her time at the Council, particularly the relationship between the Brisbane City Council and the State government. During her time in office she presided over Expo 88 and sought to reform Council processes.

Sallyanne Atkinson

Liberal Party politician Bob Quinn served as the Queensland Minister for Education for the entirety of the Borbidge Government, 1996-98. He reflects on the challenges of minority government and his desire to reform education in Queensland. He was leader of the Queensland Liberal Party from 2001-06.

Bob Quinn

Liberal Party politician Denver Beanland was elected to the State seat of Toowong in 1986 following a 10 year term on the Brisbane City Council. He was leader of the Liberal Party in Queensland 1990-91 and held various ministries and shadow ministries before his defeat in 2001. In 1997 a vote of no-confidence was passed against him as Attorney-General over his role in the Carruthers and Connolly-Ryan Inquiries.

Denver Beanland
Liberal Party politician Joan Sheldon was leader of the Liberal Party in Queensland from 1991-98. In the Borbidge Government 1996-98 she was Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for the Arts. She reflects on her work as Treasurer and commitment to social equality.
Joan Sheldon
Llew Edwards was leader of the Queensland Liberal Party and Deputy Premier in the Bjelke-Petersen Government (1978-83), Queensland Treasurer (1978-83), Queensland Minister for Health (1974-78) before retiring in 1983. He was appointed the Executive Chair of the World Expo '88 Committee.
Llew Edwards
David Watson was leader of the Liberal Party, Minister of Public Works and Housing during the Borbidge era and was the Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Communications and Information.
David Watson
Bill Hewitt was a Liberal Member of Parliament from 1966-83, first in the seat of Chatsworth and from 1977 in the seat of Greenslopes. He served as the Chair of Committees (1975-80), the Minister for Environment, Evaluation and Administrative Services (1980-83) and Minister for Welfare Services (1983).
Bill Hewitt
Liberal Party member Rosemary Kyburz discusses her time in the Queensland state parliament 1974-83, her advocacy of women's issues and her commitment to education and environment.
Rosemary Kyburz
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